Hiya, I'm Daniel and I first jumped in the water with my camera in 2019.  I have always been a lover of swimming, the sea and surfing. Despite growing up in landlocked Midlands, I've been drawn to live as close as possible to the salty waters. I moved to Swansea as a student over a decade ago and haven't left. Being lucky enough to live close to the Gower Peninsula, I seek to capture the romance of our coastlines under all shades and states of the sea. 


Thank you for checking out my photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them. If you do like what you see, or I managed to capture you surfing, or even if you fancy working with me, please reach out and get in touch. You can contact me through the form here or through social media. ​​​​​​​

Why Waves?

Waves fascinate me. The shape, colour, movement and climactic ending.  It was through the study of waves I began to understand how they formed, travelled and what we needed to do to protect our coasts from them. Waves aren't the movement of water (until, of course, the end).  An ocean wave is the mass movement of energy. The energy that may have travelled thousands of kilometres. The joy of riding and feeling this energy in its end stages is what ignites surfers.  We've all heard that each wave is unique and every ride is different. But have we really thought about why? Those slight changes in winds and gusts thousands of kilometres away from shore can ultimately make or break your ride.



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