seastate du jour - 16/52 - 2021

I’ll remember this week for it’s stunning sunsets. It must have something to do with the northerly/easterly winds. Consistent winds from the east usually reduce the chances of a good swell on Gower. This was certainly the case this week with waves were few and far between. But easterlies seem to create beautiful sunsets on Gower: the likelihood of weather fronts approaching from the south and west (and blocking any chance of a sunset) reduces; they also help create the suitable colour-reflecting clouds, as the day begins to end the wind continues to push from the east and clouds form along the coastline around south Wales (I am grappling at reasoning here but I reckon it’s due to Brecon beacons/hills near Swansea). I ventured to my favourite sunset capturing-from-the-water spot and scouted a potential new one. Here are selection of sunset swim photos from the two locations.